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All of us at Happy Cao are cacao lovers, who like to live a happy, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. The raw cacao from us is 100% fairtrade, sourced directly from organic cacao farmers in Guatemala, Peru, Bali and other countries.

We have our own cacao plantations and we are looking for more land and partners.We want to provide everybody easy access to this magical product from mother earth!

Raw cacao is a great substitute both for conventional energy and mood boosters like coffee, as well as for pills and other artificial substances. It gives your body an energy boost and keeps you awake, while at the same increasing your serotonin levels.

This makes you happy in a completely natural way, without any artificial chemicals or nasty side effects. Raw cacao is also a great natural aphrodisiac and will help you ignite your love life. It contains a lot of Magnesium, Iron and Antioxidants, which are also great for your overall health and wellbeing.Happy Coe products contain a high percentage of raw cacao and are completely safe to consume.

Right now, we exclusively serve our cacao-based drinks and food at events in Berlin. But don’t despair cacao lovers! Happy Cao products are available selected retail stores, independent vendors, friends and over the internet. If you would like to buy our products, become an ambassador, sell our products as an independent merchant, sponsor us, support us or tell us about your experience with raw cacao.

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