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Happy Cao:

is 100% pure chocolate from Bali, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and other magical places in the world.

It is a 100% pure, orgaic, fair trade and naturally energy boost that also makes you happy, awake, warm, aphrodisiac, heart opened and has got a lot of Magnesium, Iron and antioxidants.

The Maya and us say it is the food of the gods.

Become an ambassador of Happy Cao and get one kg of Happy Cao for the special price of 35 Euro. With the product you can make whatever you want like consuming it, sell it, give it away as a present etc.

If you do not like selling things you can also make a lead and inform your friends about it, your family, your favorite restaurants, bars, clubs, bakeries, hotels, yoga, gyms, cinema, etc and get a 10% commission up to 5000 Euro.

If you find other ambassadors like your best friends, your favorite restaurants, bars, clubs, galleries, hotels you get also a commission of 2% up to 3000 Euro.

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It starts at 2500 Euro in buying our products in order to get your own design, word press site and everything you need to build up a successful business with our magical products and our strong network.


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